Jun 28, 2011

Prince Harry denies dating Pippa Middleton

Some time ago broke away from Prince Harry Chelsy Davy. Soon, Pippa Middleton is also a breakup. Harry and Pippa are really good friends was reportedly established the love.

"Pippa? Hah! No, I'm not with someone right now. I am 100 per cent of singles," said Harry reported by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (06/28/2011).

On June 24, then Harry was seen relaxing Hard Rock Calling event in Hyde Park, London. He came with his cousin Princess Eugenie and Beatrice watching the action of The Killers.

Prince William's brother claimed to have been very busy lately. Going out and watching TV is no longer the agenda could do. But once in a while Harry was trying to steal time to get the road with the family. August new Harry can relax from all its activities.

"I hope to vacation next August. I have not been to South Africa, so maybe I'll be there," said Harry.

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