Jun 21, 2011

The international survey starts in St. Louis

It all started last September in the French-Swiss border to St. Louis. The customs officers have controlled an Italian national on board a car.
First input matrix component manufacturing on French soil

In his suitcases of cash ... 20 000 euros in denominations of twenty euros but also an array of manufacturing forged an euro bear the profile of Portugal.

The investigation is assigned to the antenna Mulhouse judicial police. The investigative work but also the confirmation made by the Central Office for combating counterfeit money (* OCRFM) the nature of counterfeit tickets twenty euros, it can be concluded that the investigators are in the presence of an individual belonging in a criminal organization that passed through France to move a pharmacy production of counterfeit money from Italy to Belgium, where sponsors were installed.

The investigation takes a new turn since the JIRS Nancy (interregional specialized jurisdiction) is entered. A judicial investigation was opened and a judge is under investigation the Italian prison for the prison in Nancy-Maxéville.

The police are quick to light the connections between Italy and Belgium, and especially the regions of Mons (Hainaut) and Louviere (Walloon).

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