Jun 17, 2011

Listen to Radio Through Applications for BlackBerry

For Blackberry users, apart from enjoying the Internet, chat and social networking as much, now can also listen to the radio. This smart phone devices do not have the facility built-in radio. But with specialized applications, listen to favorite radio broadcasts of the Blackberry can do.

The application is called Nux Radio. Developed by a team from Indonesia, you can listen to radio broadcasts via streaming via the internet. Amazingly, not only the radio from Jakarta, but also broadcasts from other regions. That is, those who are outside of his native city can also listen to radio from their respective regions.

In fact, this application can be used abroad. Of note, during the Blackberry Internet connection that is used adequately. Quoted from detikinet, Nux Radio using path Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) to get its data. In addition, Nux Radio can also use WiFi.

When you include people who could not be far away from the radio, now do not need to carry an MP3 player or radio separately again. Simply download the application at the radio Nux http://bb.radiointernetindonesia.com/

This application was developed by the developers of Ibn Maksum aka iBNuX with designs by Henry Setiawan. His site was developed by Surya Bayu Irrawaddy....

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