Jun 17, 2011

Recharging iPod Battery Can Use briefs

Now not only serves as a bikini bathing suit. Thanks to the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, fashion is a two-pieces can be used to recharge the iPod battery. How?

Solar Bikini, as the name suggests, is basically a swimsuit made ​​of solar panels and can save electricity. Well, these clothes have a cable for charging gadgets. Not just iPods, but also gadgets such as digital cameras and music players.

Quoted from detikINET, the device designed by Andrew Schneider, a designer from New York. He sold the Solar Bikini with price of 120 pounds, or about Rp 1.7 million (1 pound sterling = Rp 14,000).

"You can recharge via USB connection with the Solar Bikini, assuming that you are outdoors and in sunlight," said Schneider.

Solar Bikini wearer can still get wet in the ocean without worrying about broken devices. And if you want to do a refill, they need to bask in the sun again.

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