Jun 16, 2011

Occupation Actor Brad Pitt Before So

Currently, Brad Pitt is known as one of Hollywood's top actors. But, you know the couple's first job was Angelina Jolie?

Being a famous actor is Brad Pitt's ideals since childhood. The owner's full name William Bradley Pitt took acting classes in Los Angeles under the tutelage of Roy London.

To finance the acting school, actor born December 18, 1963 it had worked odd jobs. Pitt had been a mascot for a restaurant called El Pollo Loco is located on Sunset Boulevard.

Her work at the restaurant was dancing with chicken costume to attract customers. Pitt has also worked as a driver.

His career on the big screen began in 1987 in the movie 'No Way Out,' No Man's Land 'and' Less Than Zero '. The film's most commercially successful is the 'Troy' (2004) and 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith '(2005).

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