Jun 16, 2011

More SNSD Section of Angelina Jolie

An adult male Taiwanese magazine recently released a list of '2011 Top 100 World's Sexiest Women 'or 100 Sexiest Women in the World in 2011. SNSD Girlband are in a position to fourth with 28,201 votes.

SNSD is above the names of international artists such as Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and the Taiwanese model Lin Zhi Ling. Even Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox has long had a sexy image of just being on the order of 54's 60.

SNSD has long been gaining popularity in Taiwan. SNSD '1 st Tour ASIA TOUR: Into The New World 'in Taiwan in 2010, attended by 24,000 spectators. Also reportedly more than 500 fans arrived at the airport waiting for SNSD.

Earlier, in a survey of Korean women's magazine about the 'female artist who preferred adult males' Taeyeon and Yoona 'SNSD' entry into the list. In the survey, included comments from fans who voted.

"Not everyone can continue to be in the middle position when on stage. But anyway, Yoona have to practice more vocal," a reference to Yoona fans who although not a lead singer, always performed in the middle if you're gigging with SNSD.

As for Taeyeon, one fan commented, "Even if all the vocalists girlband united on one stage, Taeyeon will still stand out." Similarly, as reported by dkpopnews on Thursday (16/06/2011).

In 2010, the SNSD was ranked 99 for an adult male from the same magazine issue of Singapore. At that time, the Wonder Girls occupied the position 38, and Hyuna '4 Minute 'position 85.

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