Jun 16, 2011

China Warns Media About Allegations Hacking Google

Google has become a political tool to slander China. Similarly mentioned a national newspaper in Beijing, China. The newspaper even Google warned that his allegations about the hacking could have injured its business.

This warning appears in the People's Daily overseas edition. Given this statement was published in the leading newspaper of the Communist Party of China, many have assumed increasing political tensions between the United States (U.S.) and China about Internet security can be prolonged.

As is known, last week the internet giant reported a hijacking attempt on thousands of Gmail accounts allegedly from China. In a report submitted to the U.S. FBI's intelligence agencies, Google said hackers were detected originating from China try to steal passwords U.S. government officials, Chinese activists and journalists.

China's Foreign Ministry accused the accusations addressed to the government contain hidden motives. "Blaming this crime against China is really unacceptable. We are also victims of hacking," the spokesman said Hong Lei.

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