Jul 30, 2011

Android and iPhone 'scramble' China Youth

In between downtown Beijing, China, some young people look cool walking down the sidewalk while looking at mobile devices in hand. Judging further, these young people on average use the touch screen phones.

Yes, when detikINET watch mobile phones used by some young kids in the Bamboo Curtain country, most of them settled on a touch screen phone. And if you view the forms and interfaces, the average used their phones for an iPhone or Android.

"Most young people here are pleased with the iPhone. But now many are starting to use Android," said Yizhia, Renmin University of China student event in Telkomsel Media Education 2011.

Yizhia with three friends accidentally imported to know the technology trends that favored by young people in China. Not much different from Indonesia, they are very fond of the smart phones as a medium of interaction.

Yizhia own use Android phones Samsung Galaxy S. He claimed to actually most like with the iPhone, but finally settled on Android. He claimed to like the appearance of mobile phones 'green robot' that looks good.

"My friends have also started using Android. This phone has many good applications are for free so I can download," he said while talking with detikINET, on the sidelines of Telkomsel Media Education in China, 19 to 22 July 2011.

Regarding the iPhone and Android platforms other than, presumably fans began to decline. Like the BlackBerry which get less Yizhia enthusiasts among local youth.

Even Anderson, student college friend Yizhia at Renmin University was asked participants why the media trip to the Indonesian people are very fond of the BlackBerry. Several explanations have led to fuel feature that allows online communication runs easily and quickly. Anderson also seems to understand.

For now, the popularity of the iPhone seems most membetot attention of young Chinese. Almost along the way, always found people taking the iPhone. It's just that the iPhone remains to be investigated whether it was false or not.

"A lot of fake iPhones sold here at a price of about 1000 yuan alone can make it up," said David, tour guides who guide the media entourage. David himself is also using an iPhone. The original, of course.

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