Jul 30, 2011

Is this iPhone version of Cheap?

For lower-priced rival Android smartphones, Apple reported gush iPhone with more affordable prices. It is said that later was called the iPhone 4S and will appear in unison with the launch of the iPhone 5.

A photograph of the purported iPhone 4S appeared in cyberspace. The images are still blurred featured phones like the iPhone, but with cheaper materials manufacture.

Wrapped in white, 4S iPhone casing made ​​of plastic, less elegant when compared with materials iPhone 4 dominated the glass. It is intended to suppress the price.

Another compromise for the sake of cheap price is the screen resolution is lowered. Mentioned that the screen will not wear Retina Display but will be similar to the iPod Touch screen technology.

Pertinent photographs first appeared on the site from Vietnam named Tinhte. The site manager to get it from reliable sources claim.

Some doubt this phone is the iPhone 4S. Some expect it as a prototype of the previous generation iPhone. Similarly, as reported by Recombu and quoted on Friday (07/29/2011).

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