Jul 31, 2011

"Facebook & Twitter Trigger Identity Crisis"

Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has become an important part in the lives of many people lately. But in addition to benefits, the site could trigger a crisis of identity.

This opinion is delivered Susan Greenfield, professor of synaptic pharmacology at Oxford University's leading, UK. Susan is an expert who specializes in brain physiology.

He considers that the focus on online friendship on Facebook and Twitter as well as involvement in the feedback (feedback) is constant on both sites can affect the nerves of the brain, making people expect the instant gratification and create a concentration decreased.

Baroness assess the shallowness of the information distributed via the two sites can be a problem. Various updates are less important to the user as if were a child.

"Why should someone interested in other people breakfast menu? This reminds me of a little boy who said, mama look at me doing this, I did that," he said.

"It's like they are in a kind of identity crisis," imbuhya, as quoted from the Metro, Sunday (31/07/2011).

According to him, some people try too hard to become a small celebrity on Facebook or Twitter. It makes people live in a world where what counts is what others think about them.

"Think of the implications for society if people were more worried about what others think about them than what they are thinking to yourself," he concluded.

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