Jul 31, 2011

Geng Motor 'One Blood' & 'Hells Angels' Almost clash in Amsterdam

Amsterdam - Amsterdam police managed to prevent potential clashes between the two most influential biker gangs in the Netherlands, namely Satudarah and Hells Angels. Some gang members are arrested by police there.

As reported by AFP on Sunday (07/31/2011), this clashes predicted would happen in the city of Amsterdam. But police quickly perform preventive efforts by arresting 56 members Satudarah.

"There is a possibility of confrontation between the gang and members of the Hells Angels Satudarah," said a police official.

"They were arrested on Saturday night for disturbing the public convenience. All the arrested are from Satudarah," the police added.

Not yet certain of the city where the gang originated Satudarah. However, a report said the gang was founded by descendants of the biker Maluku, Indonesia, already has a 'branch' in 10 Dutch territory. Police are reluctant to disclose this information further.

Tensions between the two motorcycle gangs have been wafted by the police since the distant days. The trigger is nothing else for the power struggle. Hells Angels currently listed already have groups in 17 regions in the Netherlands. They've even declared himself as a criminal organization.

Amsterdam police spokesman told the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, the police will do everything possible to prevent possible clashes between biker gangs. Incident in 1990 between gangs Hells Angels and Bandidos in Scandinavia which killed 11 people and 95 injuries will not happen in the Netherlands.

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