Jul 20, 2011

Girl gamers love to play Game More Than Sex

Female gamers turned out to have quite different behavior than men. For example, they claimed more fun while playing the game than have sex.

It is the result of a survey conducted Doritos, snack food companies, in order to launch their new game on Facebook.

As many as 84 percent of women gamers say gaming is an activity that they enjoy more than most other activities. While that chose sex as the top activity is 70 percent.

Sex was still losing favor, according to the perceptions of respondents, compared to a bath (75 percent) and shopping (71 percent).

Other results of the survey says, women tend to spend more time playing games. On average respondents spent 3.5 hours per week to play the game online.

A total of 23.1 percent of women mentioned the online time spent on playing games. As for men, the figure was slightly lower at 22.3 percent.

The survey was conducted on 2052 respondents. As many as 49 percent of female respondents and 50 percent of men in the survey admitted to playing games online.

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