Jul 20, 2011

Google People Lured Dual Sim Mobile Phone 'Indonesia'

Tokyo - Indonesia's mobile market has various segments. Crowded in the upper classes, not least also in the middle to lower region dominated by the dual SIM Card. Even Google had to impress people made.

This was conveyed by Jessica Powell, Director of Communication & Public Affairs Google Japan and Asia Pacific

According to him, he quite often find these two cards mobile phone market in the country. Intrigued, he had to tried it. The result? Jessica was quite impressed.

"Quite nice to have two cards are active simultaneously in one phone, I've tried it myself," he said.

Until kesengsemnya, Jessica even had time to show off mobile phones 'local brand' that he used it to their relationships.

"I got to show the ability of this dual SIM card mobile phone to friends, and they asked me what brand of cell phone use," he continued.

Dual SIM card mobile phone - even now there are up to three cards in one phone - has become a mainstay of the local mobile phone brand to lure users who play in the lower middle class.

Not known fully as local phone, because these devices are still made an average outside Indonesia - especially China. So Indonesia is still limited to using the brand.

Indonesian mobile phone users who live in big cities, especially Jakarta, may be looking at one eye phone 'local'. But if you just visited small towns, the popularity of mobile phones is arguably to be reckoned with in the challenging global mobile phone brand.

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