Jul 9, 2011

Magic Poker Game Rules Privacy So

Read a line of privacy policy rules a service or site is boring. But it is undeniable, it is very important to know the rules and we are advised to study it. Well, the pembesut Farmville Zynga, even got the idea to make the rules of privacy as a game.

Interesting and unique. Perhaps the two words that will occur first in the minds of gamers. Game called PrivacyVille is designed as a game tutorial that gives rewards to the players because they have studied the privacy regulations.

Obviously, in this way gamers will be happy to find out the ins and outs of the privacy policy Zynga imposed on each game. And because it comes in the form of games, gamers will not feel compelled to learn something.

"PrivacyVille offer something that we believe is the first type of game that rewards gamers directly because they have learned about privacy," he wrote in his blog Zynga.

Quoted from Digital Trends, Saturday (07/09/2011), gamers can not be connected with Facebook or Zynga games are listed as a player to 'get around' to see PrivacyVille, just visit the site directly.

When traveling in PrivacyVille, gamers will see the buildings that must be clicked individually. When clicked, the building will bring up a box containing short information relating to privacy.

Furthermore, at the end of the tour, Zynga will give you five questions that are very easy, even all gamers certainly can answer it. Once completed, Zynga will provide points of 200 zPoints.

These points can be used in other Zynga games. Later gamers will be given options to connect with RewardVille or Facebook and can claim a number of successful zPoints obtained for the use of virtual goods shop.

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