Jul 9, 2011

New Affordable HD iPad?

Speculation about the iPad 3 begins pushed since the last few weeks. Previously mentioned that Apple is preparing a new generation iPad more sophisticated. The news was now increasingly diperpanas with information suggesting new iPad will be dubbed 'iPad HD'

Yes, the source quoted by MSNBC mention iPad 3 will be equipped with the technology of High Definition (HD). Apple's latest tablet reportedly will support a larger screen resolution (2048 x 1536).

This information seemed to justify the earlier issue that mentions the latest iPad screen display will be brighter. High resolution is touted generated from AMOLED display Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode.

"This product seems to be targeted at higher market segments. For example, intended for those who worked on the video and photo editing," writes MSNBC is quoted on Saturday (07/09/2011).

Information that developed last month said the new features in iPad 3 which is promising is buried 3D technology. But as usual, Apple chose silence and did not give klariifikasi about gadgetnya.

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