Jul 10, 2011

So the State of New South Sudan

The country has its capital at Juba and has been officially recognized by the government of Sudan (north), headquartered in Khartoum, several hours before the official separation occurs.

Some officials said the new state's birth occurred at midnight between 8 and 9 July, and the official This independence ceremony will be held later on Saturday night.

"At midnight, the bells will roar across the new state. The drums will be played to mark the historic transition from southern Sudan to the Republic of South Sudan," said a statement from the government south.

According to the official program, the South Sudan Independence will be read by the chairman of Parliament James Wani Igga south at 11:45 local time (15:45 GMT).

The new Republic of undeveloped but oil-rich peak was obtained independence in 2005 peace treaty that ended decades of civil war with the north.

The Khartoum government is the first to recognize the new state, several hours before the official separation occurs, a move that paved the way to the division, which until Saturday, the largest country in Africa.

But the confession did not dispel concerns about the tensions in the future. The northern and southern leaders still have not agreed on a list of sensitive issues, beginning with the exact border line, how they will divide the oil reserves, and both the economy's lifeblood.

In Juba, the people on the street corners waving flags and dancing in the headlights of the cars, singing just before midnight.

Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) has led the rebel movement fighting the north to 2005 and now dominate the parliament of southern Sudan.

In Khartoum, shortly before the separation, President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who now only lead the North Sudan, he will attend the independence celebrations in the south Saturday night.

"I want to emphasize .... our readiness to work with our brothers in the South and help them shape their country so that, God willing, the country was stable and growing. The cooperation between us will be very good, especially when we will mark and protect the borders so that there is a movement of people and goods through the border, "said Bashir.

Some observers worry about a return to civil war if the dispute are not resolved.

After division of the middle of the night, the Republic of Sudan (North) lost about three quarters of its oil reserves, located in the south, and face the future with the guerrillas in the Darfur region and South Kardofan.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told reporters in Juba on Friday night, he was confident South Sudan will soon join the global body.

Earlier in Khartoum, he urged the government to allow peacekeeping north to live past their mandate (which has ended) to oversee the situation in South Kardofan, the state's largest remaining oil from the north, and no other safe place.

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