Jul 10, 2011

Telephone tapping, Largest English Newspaper Closed

James Murdoch, the boss of News International which owns the NOTW, his own newspaper which announced the closing of 168-year-old.

Son of Rupert Murdoch's media conglomerate said Sunday (10/07/2011) will be the last issue. At issue, says Murdoch tabloid does not accept advertising and all profits were donated to charity edition.

"After consulting with senior colleagues, I decided to take decisive action for the honor of this newspaper. This week will be the last edition of News of the World," said James Murdoch, on Thursday (07/07/2011).

James Murdoch praised history of the NOTW that play a role in the fight against crime, uncovering the scandal, and determine the news agenda in Britain.

"But the good things that have made the News of the World tarnished by misconduct. And if the allegations were true, the action is inhumane and has no place in our company," said Rupert Murdoch's crown prince.

Rupert Murdoch buy the NOTW in 1969 and make it one of the world's largest circulation print media. Until last week's issue, circulation reached 2.6 million copies NOTW.

An investigation into the alleged phone tapping by the NOTW's actually been going on for several years. All this is known to be victims of wiretapping is the celebrities and other public figures.

But earlier this week, the scandal erupted after revelations alleged an investigator who worked for the NOTW have to listen and "erase" the voice mail (voicemail message) a teenager 13 years later found dead.

The journalists or investigators working on breaking into the phone NOTW celebrities, politicians, and people involved in major cases, including victims of crime and victims of terrorist bombings.

Another accusation is that revealed the alleged bribery of the police to get information. Evening Standard newspaper reported that some journalists and senior officials issued more than 100,000 pounds ($ 1.3 billion) to pay the police.

The scandal also be a heavy blow to British Prime Minister David Cameron is known to be close to some NOTW editor allegedly involved in the wiretapping scandal.

One of Andy Coulson appointed a communications director in his cabinet. Coulson who has denied involvement back in January when the scandal began to open. The Guardian reported, Coulson will be held on Friday (08/07/2011).

Closure NOTW also suspected as a step to save the effort Murdoch with his News Corp. to be fully controlled BSkyB. Now the new News Corp. owns 39 percent of the company's broadcasting.

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