Jul 26, 2011

Where Origins Mega Projects Google +? (2)

Sense of Apple on Google

Another figure that is no less important is the software legendary artist, Andy Hertzfeld, a key designer Macintosh software team 20 years ago. Hertzfeld began working at Google in 2005 and for the first time be given full freedom and responsibility by Google management to maximize the talent and creative ideas.

With colorful animations, drag-and-drop the "witch", an intuitive touch interface, Circle on Google + is more like a "trademark" Apple than as a "trademark" Google.

Lunge Google itself in social networking has been a while. Failures in the acquisition Friendster several years ago, making them launched Orkut in 2004 who obtained encouraging responses and sufficiently many members in Brazil and India.

Friendster itself is phenomenal at that time. In the first 3 months since it was launched, there were 3 million users register themselves.

Year 2003 is the year marked by the birth of social networking MySpace, Plaxo, Linkedin and Facebook in 2004 followed Hi5 and Twitter are two years later.

In addition to Orkut, Google has acquired YouTube in October 2006 and launched Google Buzz middle of last year. Unfortunately the social networking that integrates several elements of Facebook and Twitter is not a place in the hearts of the public.

The Birth of Google +

Discussion and debate on behalf of this project has been going on quite long and tiring. Initially this social networking project called "Google Me" which later became Google +1. Many estimate that Google will only send information +1 form of streams or feeds as on Facebook or Twitter where the source of the information will be obtained from Google News and other Google resources.

Project that houses 18 Google products and services and involving 30 teams planned to be completed within 100 days. Because of its complexity, a project that began in March 2010 it will be tested internally in October 2010.

One day in August 2010, at 8 pm, Gundotra send invitations via email to 50 Googlers to test G +. All the engineers who were invited, according to Gundotra, looks very enthusiastic.

Invitation finally opened for more Googlers so the first hour of testing done, already 600 people berpartipasi. 11 pm, performance begins to slow down the server used. This makes Gundotra have to move the traffic to the servers in their data center.

The next day, 90% of Google employees around the world have registered themselves in the program. Some of the feedback received to make them have to do the downsizing and redesigning the concept of this project.

Once completed, the project was re-launched to be tested by employees selected by an amount less than the first trial. Received more positive feedback than his first trial.

After the second test is considered successful, Gundotra decided to launch it to the public on a limited basis (Field Trial) on 28 June in the testing phase which is named as a Field Test.

On one occasion, Gundotra said that this project is not a Facebook killer, just with the G + menggunakann expected that users can enjoy media and social networking better. What do plusser own?

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