Jul 26, 2011

Where Origins Mega Projects Google +?

As is known, is a Google + Google social networking project with the codename "Emerald Sea". This project started from the statement Urs Hölzle, Google's Head of Operations, one of the first 10 employees of Google, that in order to continue to succeed then Google must find and run their social strategy, including products and services.

According to information obtained from a book about Google titled "In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works and Shapes Our Lives" written by Steven Levy, "Emerald Sea" is the title of the painting where there are waves crashing the ship was sailing.

The paintings were accidentally discovered by Bradley Horowitz when he opened a Google Image Search and type in "Emerald Sea". Horowitz analogize the ship as Google and the waves that hit him as their competitors.

Paintings made by German artists, Albert Bierstadt in 1978 it impressed him that the painting was printed and enlarged and placed in the elevator on the fourth floor offices of Google.

For the public itself, they have started to suspect the G + as "Google's next big thing" after reading the Product Manager of Google's presentation at that time, Paul Adams.

Paul, who currently works for Facebook and is the figure behind the birth of the concept of Circle in the G + and Groups on Facebook, making a presentation titled "The Real Life Social Network" are uploaded to SlideShare, Paul mentions that Facebook is less observant of human behavior and social structure of work in real life.

The latest news, Social Circles has written a book since June last year and planned to be issued after the G + was released, Google does not obtain approval for publication.

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