Jul 26, 2011

Women Turn on Social Media

In one article, Douglas Idugboe, a contributor at http://smedio.com stated that currently, women's center (or has) taken over the role of men in social media channels.

Compared to men, she said, women spend more time in this new medium. They also contribute more, take advantage of mobile social networking is more frequent, and of course shopping in online stores more than men.

Mid-June of 2011, the Pew Internet and American Life Project released the survey results on the comparison of users (active) social media sites. From the survey conducted by telephone on 2000 people in the United States, they found that in general, women are more likely to use social media channels compared to men.

On Facebook and Twitter, women are relatively more frequently to update the status, profile change-including change profile picture -, commented more, more often upload photos, and more diligent to click the button 'like'.

"If it Were not for the constant feminine energy fueling up on a daily basis, the site would be dead." Thus Idugboe writing.

The survey also showed that in 2008, the number of men who use social network sites in numbers ranging from 47%. Two years later, in 2010, this figure dropped to 44%. Compare the ratio of women users the same channel that continues to rise significantly.

How to Twitter and other canals are also popular, such as MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Statistics prove that only in LinkedIn is men are more 'victorious' with user ratio of 63:37 percent. While on MySpace and Twitter, women still dominate with 64% of women Twitter users, and 57% on MySpace.

Noteworthy, though worldwide, Facebook is still leading the social networking channel with the most users, microblog such as Twitter experienced a tremendous increase in the number of user. Mentioned, that The Pew survey found that women Twitter users today are 64% of the total number of Twitter users.

This phenomenon is interesting, given that the nature of women all the time, even before there was such thing as the internet, is more social than men. Women known to prefer to chat, share stories, gossip, vent, compared to men. Every morning, is a very common sight while shopping at the artisan vegetable subscription any, other women look cool to talk about everything: food prices, that would not go down, the value of children's report cards, and so on.

So, is it true Douglas Idugboe statement that without women, Facebook will like a ghost town? Certainly not quite right if we simply agrees to the statement, which is actually based on observations made on the continent beyond.

In fact, in Indonesia, said Enda Nasution, demographics show that in Indonesia, Facebook is still dominated by men with 59% of users, beating 41% of women who use the same channel.

In your opinion, analysis and figure which one is more trustworthy?

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