Aug 3, 2011

4 New Features in BlackBerry Facebook Application

Research In Motion (RIM) has released the latest version of the Facebook application for BlackBerry 2.0. This application comes with a more rich, of course, new features will also make it more complete.

Front view of this application neatly arranged more like a main menu display phones. According to RIM, this design is tailored to the feedback received from users.

In addition to better integrated with native BlackBerry application, Facebook Blackberry Smartphone 2.0 also brings many new features such as:

Places where Facebook users can show off the location where he is now, the activities being conducted and with whom he was.
Facebook Events. Here the user can see events such as anniversary events that are held by their friends with more details such as time, place, guest list, and others. Users can also make reservations and write a message on the wall show.
Seeing the 'Likes'. In this latest version of the user it is possible to see the names of anyone who clicks on 'like' on the posting user and directly acquainted with the look to their profile.
Facebook Chat. With this feature, users can perform communication in the form of chat. And do not worry you will miss incoming messages, as users will send notification of new messages even if there are not using this Facebook application.

The launch of Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones 2.0 follows the presence of the BlackBerry Messenger 6 (BBM 6) some time ago. In addition to launching the latest version of these applications RIM also announced the availability of the Facebook application for BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 on the BlackBerry App World.

The application is claimed as a Facebook application that offers tablet optimum access to the popular features like Facebook Chat and upload videos as well as locations.

Here's a link that can be visited to get these applications:

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