Aug 3, 2011

Addictive game rival Angry Bird

for share time ne, ane mo give us an addictive game (addictive he said) a rival angry bird, perhaps-agan agan that have the iphone / ipod / android already know at one game ne, usually only enjoyed in ato mobile gadgets, can now be played on the pc, its name nINJA fRUIT HD v 1.6.1, ane little review on ne game, here we acted as a ninja who like cutting up fruit pake sword (ninja time hobby cut fruit)
each fruit is cut, it will get a point or we can perform combos by cutting the fruit in an inordinate number of slash, dalamsebuah not probably did not have challenges,
a bomb out with the fruits that we must avoid, if hit by a bomb, the points will be reduced or gameover (at the option we choose)
gan immediately wrote listened to (mostly not writing bad happens)

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