Aug 23, 2011

Agency Denies Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Dating

After the news of actor Lee Min Ho is dating co-star in 'City Hunter' Park Min Young widely circulated this morning, the agency both denied and claimed that the news is totally untrue.

The news of them has a special relationship first emerged through the local media Korea Dispatch News. But both denied ever giving the agency a statement that the Min Ho and Min Young has been dating for a month.

"The media contact us and show photos with Min Min Ho Young. We told the reporter that they are just friends and never call them dating," said a spokeswoman for the agency are both reported by Nate, Tuesday (23/08/2011).

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young's camera caught the two in Kangnam, Seoul. After that they both immediately came the news has been dating for a month.

"They're just friends, not dating. They may be dating, but not for now. And because it concerns the private life of our actors, we will not release any additional information," said Lee Min Ho agency StarHaus Entertainment.

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