Aug 3, 2011

Color Light So Trends Clothing 2011

This year, the fashion world Muslim fashion show with the 'face' the more the merrier. This time refers to the trend of fashion models stacked with bright colors and motifs that are attractive.

One of the Muslim fashion designer who is famous for its collection of Moslem feast 'Irna La Perle', Irna Pearl, confirmed that the Moslem no longer appear with a soft palette. He said Muslim fashion trends in 2011 appears more bold with bright colors.

"If I had a lot of wear soft colors, this time I tried to bold colors that correspond with the trend this year," he said when interviewed by wolipop Irna.

Application of bright palette is also seen in fashion shows Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) of the 13 held on June 25 to 26 then. For example, the work of Paul ROPP of Bali that presents a unified frontier concepts and techniques stacks. In addition, Paul also showcased eight sets of clothing that comes in bright colors and floral motifs embellished with embroidery and beading on cloth and silk weaving.

Brand Moslem Shafira recently held a fashion show for his latest collection entitled 'Beyond Border', also offers a full-color collection. Starting from the color of fuschia, purple, yellow, orange to green. All contained in the above woven fabric of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

In his latest collection, featuring rare Shafira canal robe and tunic. Brand that already has 22 showrooms in various cities in Indonesia provides an alternative option for example only loosely asymmetrical blouse, woven jackets, and knitted scarf.

Blending the light-colored dress with a scarf or accessory that is also light was not a taboo anymore. According to Irna, it is legitimate and reasonable. "Now would wear a red scarf, blue shirt and green bag, no problem. It is legitimate," explained a woman who likes to wear hijab this stack model.

Using hit-and-color dress is not as easy as it seems. One solid match can make you seem excessive. There are some rules you need to know in order to remain proportionate and stylish appearance. For more details, see the five rules using colorblock dress

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