Aug 3, 2011

Gosh, Corruption USD 1.1 Billion Just Make Sex

London - A financial manager is addicted to pornography in cyberspace and is also involved in prostitution in the real world. In essence, a man in England named Alan Hornby is extremely addicted to sex.

Position as a financial manager making it free to break the company money to finance a hobby mesumnya. He casually spend up to 100 pounds to pay for sex shows via the internet.

Not just only that, Hornby is also regularly visited the brothel, supposedly up to three times a week. The total money the company she corruption reaches 85 thousand pounds, or approximately USD 1.1 billion.

He was highly trusted by the boss, so for 5 years, Honrby perform an action without being spotted. But eventually, he caught also by peers and ultimately judged by the 32-month prison sentence.

"All that is motivated solely by sexual addiction and she was diagnosed as sex addicts," said Kay Driver, his lawyer.

In addition to imprisonment, Hornby is also bankrupt because their assets confiscated many. Sex and pornography addiction on the Internet that led to uncontrolled

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