Aug 8, 2011

London chaos Again

Riots in London was not yet over. News Daily Mail on Monday (08/08/2011) morning shows riot is the second time since the violence erupted on Saturday. The first riot occurred in Tottenham in North London area.

As of Monday morning, police had arrested about 100 people

In Enfield, the South London area, the crowd numbering about 200 people to anarchy. They destroy shops and pelted police cars with broken bricks.

Recorded a jewelry store, McDonald's and Tesco damaged by the actions of the perpetrators of violence. Meanwhile, still in South London, Brixton, hundreds of young people are also damaging Foot Locker store. There, the mass of dealing with the police.

So far, according to police reports, had 100 people who were arrested because of the turmoil. "Until Monday morning we have arrested about 100 people," said Police Commander Christine Jones.

From Saturday night through Sunday (07/08/2011) morning, police had arrested 61 people linked to the unrest.

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