Aug 9, 2011

Competition? Age is not already! or cooperation ( Amazing Artikel )

Because our education system (always my protests) are always taught us to compete, with the rank / rank in class, since the 1st grade ... our society is accustomed to competing. "Loh, koq Billy agrees guns?", Perhaps the question that comes to mind right now ... Agan

I often say that being the best among the others that LIVE IMPORTANT. The important thing is to be the best of what you can do Agan. If Coach @ ReneCC borrowed language, "Be the Ultimate-U".

So, actually in the class that guns have no ranking. Taukah Agan that the International Schools, ranking in the class were guns there? For what? Yes because it was, they believed that it was not trying to be the best, but to try as much as possible, to the best of the Agan able to do (try your best).

Instead I say that competition is important guns yes. If used as a benchmark for, guns okay. Especially if you can be self-motivated to try even better, try harder.

Well, ... but if here I say competition is important guns, then what is important? Collaboration! In the real world, we all have often heard that the team work is important, because with the team work, we will be able to complete tasks that are heavy, which was probably 'impossible' to be solved alone.

Similarly, collaboration! Instead of competing, collaborating why guns? In making the company too, than I tried alone, and dealing with other people who want to jump in the same world and competing, trying to be the best (and mengkerdilkan business person), aja collaborating why guns?

The goal is already equal, so stay diomongin aja ... aja discussed possibilities for collaboration. It would be nice, because to do so as much as could a more 'easy', because now Agan had a partner. And, is it the guns directly, Agan guns need to be thinking about competitors ... because 'the competitors' it's now sitting together and become partners Agan. Really?

And, with the collaboration, Agan can jointly raise the industry Agan elaborated. Believe me, collaboration is more exciting than the competition! I already proved itself in many ways, ...

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