Aug 5, 2011

Negligence, the Biggest Threats in the Cloud

Tokyo - It's not a virus or hacker who became the biggest concerns when choosing a dive using public cloud infrastructure, but discipline in maintaining the security of its own network system to worry about.

"As long as we keep the network cloud, the biggest attack we've faced is not a virus or hacker, but the carelessness of the user in patching the security hole," said Raimund Genes, Trend Micro's Chief Technology Officer, in a limited interview session after the Direction 2011, in Tokyo, Japan, on Thursday (07/28/2011).

Concerns were particularly emphasized to users of Microsoft's operating system. Because, he says, Microsoft frequently release patches (patches) every time there is a potential security threat is detected.

"Often the users of Microsoft forgot to update their level of patching. That's what often happens. We need to know, so many entrances to penetrate a system, especially if they use public access to the cloud," Raimund warned.

"Imagine if a hospital system that uses Microsoft suddenly appear 'blue screen of death' when diagnosing or being establish operations. Do not let it happen," he said further.

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