Aug 5, 2011

Queen microblogging China Defeat Obama

American President Obama and the sexy singer Katy Perry may have already entered the ranks top in the microblogging site Twitter because hook millions of followers. But apparently this does not apply in China, where the popularity of the two figures was defeated by a beautiful artist named Yao Chen.

Yao Chen, a 32-year-old artist has more than 10 million followers in the local microblogging site, Weibo. In the website of 'twinning' Twitter dibesut by this internet giant Sina, Yao Chen arguably beat the popularity of Obama is a follower of his new bertenger in figure 9.3 million followers. While the number of follower Katy Perry in the range of 8.6 million.

Only accounts Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber are able outnumbered followers Yao Chen in which they are able to embrace as many as over 11 million followers on Twitter.

So ngetopnya account Yao Chen, this year was awarded the Queen Sina microblogging at the figure soared through the sitcom "My Own Swordsman" is. Grace was given when he surpassed the number of followers belong to Oprah Winfrey in January. Yao is the first to figure out Twitter user who entered mikroblogger list of 10 most at-follow.

Yao Chen engaging follower since he registered his account on 1 September 2009, mainly because of its outspoken and sense of humor. Yao Chen also considered as a highly attentive and often involved in social campaigns.

He had menlaraskan prayer in infants who have been orphaned due to railway accidents. This figure also gave his support to the beggar children and also voiced the rescue of stray dogs.

"I do not want 10 million followers imprisoned because of this. I hope all the followers to live peaceful and prosperous," writes Yao on the site as dlansir Weibo detikINET from Xinhuanet on Thursday (07/28/2011). It's also got 7100 posts and comments have been forwarded more than 5,300 times.

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