Aug 5, 2011

NSA Open Jobs for 3,000 Hacker

Government of the United States an opening for hackers (hackers) computer systems that felt pretty good at dealing with the field they call "the most serious problems on earth". National Security Agency admitted it took a lot of hackers to deal with cyber warfare is increasingly becoming a threat to national security.

His job, among others, strengthen the network, keeping up to date, tested through the system to find security holes, and watching for signs of the attacks.

Availability of professional hackers are less than the amount that the U.S. needed. That is why, a number of federal agencies, ranging from the DOD, DHS, NASA, and NSA, to come to Las Vegas this week, to attend Defcon, the annual convention of hackers worldwide.

The NSA needs at least 1,500 people in the fiscal year ended September 30, 2011 and 1500 people again next year. Most of them are cyber experts. At the Defcon event which followed about 10,000 participants, the NSA must compete with other agencies to find the best personnel.

Spy agencies that the United States during this running attack and defense strategies in cyber warfare. This institution spying on the enemy and protecting U.S. computer networks that keep the super-secret material, a soft target of U.S. enemies.

"Right now we need cyber warrior, not a rocket scientist," said Richard George, Technical Director of the NSA Information Assurance Directorate dealing with cyber defense system. "This is the war we face today. And, we need the best and brightest workers who are ready to bearing the title of cyber warriors." (National Geographic Indonesia / Ni Ketut Susrini)

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