Aug 2, 2011

Putin: U.S. Parasites For World Economy

Vladimir Putin (left) have not determined its position in the presidential election next year.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin accused the United States as a parasite for the global economy. Putin also said the dominance of the U.S. dollar also threatens the financial system and world markets.

"The United States is out of control and spilling some of the burden of the problem to the world economy," Putin said at the youth summer camp pro-Kremlin Nashi, north of Moscow.

"The United States live like parasites to the world economy as well as the monopoly of the dollar," said the former head of the KGB secret service.

However, Putin still appreciate the decision of the United States to agree on new debt ceiling in order to avoid bankruptcy the country which could have an impact on the global economy.

"Thank you, Lord. The United States still has the common sense and responsibility to create a balanced decision," Putin added.

Putin admitted that the American economy collapses, then the country will feel the Red Bear receive the effects. Therefore, Russia has the U.S. debt in large numbers.

"Countries like China and Russia, keep its financial reserves in a number of American financial institutions. So there should be another currency that is used as a reserve fund," Putin said.

U.S. and Russian relations worsened during Putin's presidency the country in 2000-2008.

However, in the reign of Dmitry Medvedev, the relationship between the two countries improved after Medvedev welcomes President Obama's desire to improve bilateral relations.

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