Aug 7, 2011



Improve the effectiveness and efficiency within the company, is a necessity that must be met by each company. It is very influential at all with the performance and the amount of fees that can be suppressed.

Increased sales will certainly have an impact on communication costs that must be spent to pay attention to every customer so that customers are always loyal and use of products / services provided by the Company Mr. / Ms.

SEMPRO is a solution to reduce communication costs the Company Mr. / Ms. with the Company SEMPRO Father / Mother could have communication with consumers on the basis of SMS, which in terms of lower cost and better effectiveness.

Why Should SEMPRO:
1. Since everyone already has HP for communication.
2. HP is the closest communication medium they
3. Promotional messages, information, or notification delivered directly to consumer
4. Communication cost is cheaper than using the phone.
5. Promotion cost is cheaper compared to other advertising media (TV, RADIO, WEBSITE)

SEMPRO Product Options:
1. SEMPRO Masking
SMS can display the name of COMPANY BRAND / PRODUCT instead of numbers.
With masking SEMPRO Promo more trustworthy and your info!

Delivering your Information and Promotion to Millions of active cellular subscribers, valid, and legally throughout Indonesia. And you can memprofile receiver according to the promotional products that you market.
With SEMPRO DATA Promo and More precise info you Target!

SMS CENTER Application Program to be the solution if you want to open the SMS service center. Operational easily become a mainstay Sempro Software. You can Broadcast SMS Promo / Info, SMS Greetings, SMS Billing, SMS & Registration as well as numerous other communications services using the SMS medium.
With SEMPRO SOFTWARE you can maintain your customer relationships and loyalty!

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