Aug 7, 2011


Until this writing, NVIDIA seems to still hold the "throne" the highest single-chip graphics card terkencang with GeForce GTX 580 (GF110) his property, which is the Fermi-2 generation after improving his GF100 which still has many shortcomings. As "King Of The Hill", of course, in every test we do, the graphics card with 580 GTX chip is always dominate and always in the top position. Several variants of the GTX 580 we've ujikan like one GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Edition is equipped with the capabilities and features for extreme overclocking to the extreme users.
If a few days ago, our office is "lightning", this time our office mails the arrival of a "BOM"! Relax, the BOM this one will not blow up our office. BOM this one is a variant of the GTX 580 graphics card overclocked edition Vaikoo (extreme clock). One unique fact, the GTX 580 graphics card Vaikoo BOM Extreme Clock is already armed with a fairly high default clock. How high specifications owned? Let's see the specifications table.

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