Oct 22, 2011

5 Tips Shopping in Chinatown, Bangkok

Chatuchak addition, there are other places that the main attraction of the tourists when visiting Bangkok, Thailand, that is Chinatown. If you hear the word Chinatown, certainly in our minds is the area of ​​trade.

Sure enough, it is very crowded Chinatown Bangkok visited by visitors each day. In the afternoon, Chinatown looks more deserted. But when the late afternoon, the area that is located in Charoenkrung Road will be filled with various activities.

In Chinatown Bangkok there are stalls, markets, roadside restaurants, drug stores, and gold may be the place to shop in the city of Bangkok. So many interesting places, but shopping here was not as easy as you think. There are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Use Clothing and Footwear Comfort
Chinatown is located along the edge of the highway and into the hallways crowded. The hot air of course difficult to be avoided. T-shirt or tank top made from thin will make you more comfortable.

This area is very broad. Consists of dozens of blocks that can be surrounded by foot. Wear sandals or shoes without the right if you do not want sore feet.

2. Before the Rain Umbrella Sedia
This expression is exactly right if you want to shop in Chinatown. This area is not roofed and narrow making it difficult for shelter. Umbrella will make your shopping more convenient.

3. Remember Little Thai Language
Most of the merchants are already understands some English like 'how much' and figures. But it would be better if you can pronounce a few words of Thai, such as the 'hood kun ka' which means thank you. The atmosphere can become more familiar and haggling will go more smoothly.

4. Choose the Right Vehicle
Transportation facilities in Chinatown are buses, taxis and tuk-tuk (Thai traditional vehicles like three-wheeler). Traffic in this area is very dense. Berlajur four highway was jammed all day.

If you want to save and do not know the bus routes, better choose the tuk-tuk as a means of transportation. Small addition, the driver is very good at slipping in a traffic jam. The price is negotiable.

5. Bring a Map
Chinatown is very broad. Many of the hallway that connects the highway with one another. People crowded will make you more trouble distinguishing each aisle. If you do not want to get lost, provide a better map in the bag.

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