Oct 22, 2011

4th Street Market in Hong Kong Mandatory Visited

Hong Kong is famous for its shopping tour. To berbalanja priced clothing askew, you must have a reference markets who were there.

Hong Kong has a lot of 'market shock' or market on the road which is often called a 'street market'. Well at the street market that you will get unique items at low prices. Wolipop recommend four street market which you must visit in Hong Kong.

Ladies Market
Market or Ladies' Women's Street "in Mongkok area, the Tung Choi Street between Argyle Street and Dundas Street. Markets are open in the afternoon until late at night selling items at low prices. Ranging from clothing to cendramata typical Hong Kong. Shopping here you have to dare to bid in order to get a minimum price.

Temple Street Market
Temple Street Market is also located in the Mongkok area. Almost similar to the ladies market, ie filled with rows of tents that sell clothing, watches, CDs, tapes and electronic gadgets. Also here are also available a variety of stalls that sell food.

Jardine's Crescent
The market is located in Causeway Bay area is quite famous for its fashion goods are sold cheap. Along the way they are sold tops and blouses women, such as knit shirts, pants and much more. There are also accessories and housewares.

Li Yuen Street East and West
Located in the central district of Hong Kong. Li Yuen Street East and West is a traditional place for the citizens of Hong Kong to buy fabric. Here will be found silk fabrics with excellent quality. There's also put the young, bags and accessories.

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