Oct 22, 2011

New Trend: Men Wear High Heels Shoes

High heels are not just popular among women. The man began to hunt down shoes while wearing high heels because they feel more confident.

New York Times discusses specifically about the trend of men wearing these high heels shoes. In his discussion, NY Times writes heelas high shoe wearer men are those who like to look fashionable and stylish eccentric

Luke Nero, a promoter at the club Mr. Black, Los Angeles, one of the men who like wearing high heels. "I came to a party yesterday and there was a guy wearing shorts, sleeveless tops and red pumps that cool. Everyone seems to say, 'I love those shoes,'" the story of Luke.

While the other two men, Coy Barton (24 years) and Mark Cramer (25 years), who also likes to wear high heels to choose shoes that combine with pants and shirts. They tried to mix and match the appearance of these shoes with a more conservative clothing.

"I wear Steve Madden, he wore Chinese Laundry. My shoes U.S. $ 115, while U.S. $ 170 shoes," said Barton.

Another man named Sean Wagner (23 years) admitted that he never leave the house without wearing high heels. "I never leave home without wearing the right shoes with less than eight inches," he said.

Wagner prefers to wear high heels that she was a special message. The designers are now starting a lot of high heels to receive orders from a man like Wagner.

Tara Nash-King from a site that sells shoes and handbags from the designers revealed he had a lot of male clients for Louboutin shoes. They are average looking size 10.

Gregory Alexander (26 years), including one of the male hunter shoes high heels designer's work. He was willing to spend thousands of dollars American money to buy shoes and wear them when going to the club.

"I like the high. It was very helpful when we are in the club. I've got Louis Vuitton, Gucci," he said. "Unfortunately not all designers have a shoe that is high enough for me," he added.

The men like Gregory had a strong reason why they are very fond of high heels. "The shoes are very powerful. We are so much higher than anyone else. We walk differently. The shoes also make your feet look better," said Gregory.

Men wear shoes with heels or right does not now happen. Bygone era of King Louis XIV had already done so. He wore shoes with the right of a four-inch-high work of Nicholas Lestage. While in the movie 'Saturday Night Fever', look how men like John Travolta wearing platform shoes with the right sized and thick.

In addition there is another shoe is now commonly used fashion items women also like men. It was a clutch bag. Now this is pretty much the man with the clutch bag than Postman bag or backpack.

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