Oct 22, 2011

Winter Fashion Trends You Can Adopt

Tropical countries like Indonesia has only two seasons, namely dry and rainy. But that does not mean winter fashion trends of the country four seasons can not be adapted here. As quoted from Sheknows, the following four trends of winter that you can imitate.

1. Polkadot motives
After so long, polka-dot motif again become an idol and a lot of dominating the stage runway, one of them in winter Marc Jacobs collection. Designers are rumored to be a creative director of Dior fashion house that offers a polka-dot pattern on the tops, skirts, overalls, headwear, gloves up stockings. To adapt to this trend, you can choose a variety of clothing with polka-dot motif. Pair with a dress without a motive for your polka-dot dress increasingly be a concern.

2. Color Light
Bright colors commonly found in summer. But until the winter, the colors are still steal the show. If you do not want to be too flashy and want to continue to feel the feel of winter, mix your choice of brightly colored clothing with warm colored clothing. For example, a mini skirt with a fitted shirt maroon, or dark purple with bright yellow.

3. 60's Style Inspiration
If at last summer's 70-style mode dominates the stage, this time turn the style of the 60's which form the trend. Although the view is now much more modern fashion, but there are a few fashion items that become the key from the 60's style. Starting from the A-line skirt, overalls mod mini, tunic-style dress with Peter Pan collar and bell bottom pants.

4. Floral Motif
Dress with floral motifs is identical with the nuances of the summer and spring. But fashion collection with floral still commonly found in this winter. Wearing a floral dress for work? Certainly not a problem. Adjust the model with a piece of formal dress. Pair with elegant jewelry, neutral color-heeled shoes, and make-up class to still look professional. As a reference, you can look elegant and feminine by wearing a shirt that is inserted into the cut high-waist skirt.

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