Jun 17, 2011

Want to Go Down Weight Loss? Eat 3 Times A day

During this time, many thought that eating five small meals (including snacks) can help someone who is on a diet to reduce weight. However, a recent study actually showed the opposite.

The study states, three meals a day in the regular portion is actually more effective in helping a person feel full longer. With notes, include protein foods higher in each serving.

"When eating foods rich in protein, someone who wants to lose weight will feel full all day. They can also reduce the desire to eat late at night and less often imagine the food," said Heather J. Leidy, an assistant professor in nutrition and physiology at the University of Missouri, as quoted by the Times of India.

Heather also added frequency of eating was not really affect a person's ability to control her appetite. But the quantity of food in one meal a large role in the diet. Eating in the normal portion (not less / not too much) make the stomach full longer so that your appetite is reduced.

"But keep in mind, not just the portion that must be considered but also the calorie content," adds Heather.

Heather suggested, add protein intake in the three portions of regular meals per day to help control appetite and feel fuller.

"Eggs, chicken without skin and fish are the best source of healthy protein. For those who are not accustomed to eating protein at breakfast, start by eating eggs," said Wayne W. Campbell, nutrition and food experts.

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